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Daniel Alan Miller

Full-stack Engineer / Customer Engineer / Solutions Architect

Melbourne, Australia - dalan.website


Stripe - Customer Engineer | Oct 2016 > Now

  • Working with Stripe's largest users across the world to understand and integrate Stripe API and services.
  • Responsible for bringing aboard billions of dollars in processing volume on the Stripe API.
  • Serving as the technical point of contact for development teams and engineering managers of Stripe users.
  • Writing code for region specific features and fixes. Resulting in recovering $MMs of loss dollars, launching new countries in APAC, and maintaining high bar of product localization.

RethinkDB - Developer Evangelist | June 2015 > Oct 2016

  • Presented talks, gave workshops, and tutored tutorials at conferences, meetups, companies, and impromptu gatherings.
  • Loved interacting with the RethinkDB community at large via Slack, Gitter, Twitter, Discourse, and face to face.
  • Overall, ensured that developers interacting with RethinkDB had the best experience possible by optimizing our websites, writing clear documentation, and creating engaging content.

Roche - Messaging & Collaboration Intern | Jun 2015 > Oct 2015

  • Munged data from Google Admin SDK and other datasets on internal Roche user accounts to identify over $1.5M dollars in Google Apps user billing savings.
  • Set groundwork for a Webex conferencing billing data pipeline to convert incoming .csv/SQL files into a database to identify largest contributors to global company costs and explaining results to business partners.

Google - Google Ambassador | Feb 2014 > Nov 2014

  • Represented Google at CMU Australia
  • Ran workshops on how to better use G Suite (Google Apps) for fellow students and staff.

Whichbus - Cofounder / Developer | Jan 2012 > Sep 2013

  • Launched bus navigation app using both City of Seattle data as well as OpenStreetMaps.
  • Presented WhichBus app live in front of 200+ people at Seattle Tech Meetup.
  • Won grant from City of Seattle via Startup Weekend Gov.

Nordstrom.com - Web Build Lead | Dec 2011 > Aug 2013

  • Managed ~daily updates to Nordstrom.com, including testing scheduling, resolution of issues, and promotion to production.
  • Trained and executed switching the entire team to Git. (Curse you LF & CRLF!)
  • Provisioning and management of a MongoDB cluster for team data.
  • Developed internal realtime web tools to enable collaboration and visibility into testing and deployment process.


Carnegie Mellon University | 2013 > 2015

Adelaide, AU & Pittsburgh, PA

M. Information Systems Management

University of Washington | 2005 > 2010

Seattle, WA

B.A. French & International Studies